Time for Picnics With Your Love Bugs!

One of many favorite warm-weather activities for families each year is the family picnic. Once upon a time, these happened on pretty, checkered blankets with the food packed away nice and tidy in pretty wicker baskets. I would like to think those days still exist for most, but with the introduction of park benches, picnic tables, and pavilions, who wants to continue sitting on the ground with the not-so-friendly ants?

Have you checked out the price of those “vintage” picnic baskets on Amazon lately? We’re talking prices up in the $60’s and $70’s and so forth. It’s ridiculous! But, the setup of an old-fashioned picnic always seemed to make for a fun family photo op.

Throughout the month of July, I will be offering these Picnic Mini Sessions for families and individuals with everything from the basket (minus the $60 one) down to the faux food. Of course, there are a couple other fun props, such as the mini teepee, a faux campfire, a not-so-actual bottle of wine, and more that is not currently pictured (lights will be added to the teepee, and other items will slowly be added to the background as well). For an added bit of fun, bring your own “for-real” picnic basket and food (please leave the wine at home – I cannot promote drinking and driving with your little love bugs) to enjoy with your little ones while I capture some fun photos of your family time in real time.


This setup will be both couple friendly and family friendly, depending on your needs. So, if you’re coming without little ones, feel free to bring other props to include in your couple-friendly picnic such as a candlestick, some grape juice (in place of the wine, of course – I still value your safety), and any other items that may reflect the relationship you have with your partner. Please feel free to add any personal touches that represent you. This is your session, and I want you to make it your own. If you need a longer session, we can lump two minis together!



To request a date and time, or for more information on these sessions, please check out the request form below and someone will be contacting you as soon as possible. 

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