The Power of Headshot Photography: Prices in the Spokane Area

Dec 4, 2023


Welcome to Kelly Tareski Photography, your ultimate destination for stunning headshot photography in the Spokane area. Whether you're an aspiring actor, a business professional, or simply want to capture your best self, our team of expert photographers is here to showcase your unique personality in a single frame.

Capturing Your Best Self

First impressions matter, and more often than not, your headshot acts as that crucial first impression in the professional world. Our team understands the importance of presenting yourself in the best light possible, helping you make a lasting impact on potential clients, employers, or casting directors.

A headshot is more than just a photograph; it is a representation of your brand and what you stand for. At Kelly Tareski Photography, we strive to bring out your individuality, highlighting your strengths and unique characteristics through expert composition and lighting techniques.

Unveiling Affordable Prices

Contrary to popular belief, high-quality headshots don't have to come with an exorbitant price tag. At Kelly Tareski Photography, we are committed to offering top-notch services at wallet-friendly prices, ensuring that everyone can access professional headshot photography in the Spokane area.

For headshot photography prices in the Spokane area, look no further than our diverse range of customizable packages. We have carefully crafted our packages to cater to different needs and budgets, allowing you to find the perfect option that suits your requirements.

Package Options

1. Basic Package:

  • 1-hour photoshoot session
  • 1 professionally edited headshot
  • Online gallery for easy selection

2. Standard Package:

  • 2-hour photoshoot session
  • 2 professionally edited headshots
  • Online gallery for easy selection
  • Choice of outdoor or studio location

3. Premium Package:

  • 3-hour photoshoot session
  • 3 professionally edited headshots
  • Online gallery for easy selection
  • Choice of outdoor or studio location
  • Additional outfits and props

Why Choose Kelly Tareski Photography?

1. Expertise and Experience:

Our team of skilled photographers has years of experience in the industry, ensuring that you receive nothing short of exceptional results. We understand the nuances of headshot photography and possess the technical expertise needed to capture your best angles.

2. Personalized Approach:

We believe that every client is unique, and their headshot experience should reflect that. Our photographers will work closely with you, allowing your personality to shine through in every shot. We take the time to understand your goals and vision, ensuring that we deliver a headshot that exceeds your expectations.

3. State-of-the-Art Equipment:

At Kelly Tareski Photography, we invest in the latest photography equipment and technology to deliver superior results. Our professional-grade cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment enable us to capture every detail with precision, showcasing your best features in the most flattering way possible.

4. Convenient Online Gallery:

We understand the importance of ease and accessibility. That's why we provide an online gallery that allows you to review and select your favorite shots from the comfort of your own home or office. This convenient platform simplifies the process, saving you time and energy.


When it comes to headshot photography in the Spokane area, Kelly Tareski Photography stands out for its expertise, affordability, and dedication to capturing your best self. Our carefully curated packages cater to various budgets, ensuring that professional headshots are accessible to all.

Don't settle for subpar headshots when you can have a powerful visual representation that sets you apart from the crowd. Contact Kelly Tareski Photography today to schedule your headshot session and embark on a journey towards success!

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