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Mar 30, 2018

Welcome to Rachelle Long Photography

Capturing Precious Newborn Moments

Welcome to Rachelle Long Photography, your trusted source for top-quality newborn baby photography. With extensive experience and a passion for capturing those precious early moments, we pride ourselves on delivering stunning photographs that you will cherish forever.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to newborn photography, it is essential to work with a skilled professional who can create beautiful images while ensuring the safety and comfort of your little one. At Rachelle Long Photography, we specialize in providing safe, comfortable, and memorable photo sessions for newborns in both home and studio settings.

With our in-depth understanding of lighting, composition, and posing, we know how to create visually captivating photographs that showcase the beauty and innocence of your newborn. Our goal is to capture the purest moments and create timeless images that you can treasure as your baby grows.

Services We Offer

At Rachelle Long Photography, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • In-Home Newborn Photography - Our skilled photographer will come to your home, creating a comfortable and familiar environment for your newborn. We understand the importance of preserving the intimacy of your home and will capture the natural interactions between your family and the newest member.
  • Studio Newborn Photography - Our professionally equipped studio provides a controlled environment, ideal for creating beautifully composed and artistically styled photographs. We have a collection of props and backgrounds to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the images.
  • Family Portraits - Along with focusing on the newborn, we also understand the significance of incorporating the entire family into the photographs. We will capture precious moments with parents and siblings, creating timeless family portraits.
  • Milestone Sessions - As your baby grows, we offer milestone sessions to capture their growth and development. From tummy time and sitting milestones to first steps, we will be there to document these cherished moments.

Our Approach

At Rachelle Long Photography, we believe in providing a personalized and stress-free experience for our clients. We take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and any special requests you may have. We work closely with you to create a comfortable atmosphere for your newborn, ensuring that we capture genuine expressions and emotions.

Our attention to detail, creative flair, and technical expertise enable us to create beautiful, high-quality photographs that truly reflect the essence of your newborn. We pay attention to composition, lighting, and posing to ensure that each image is a work of art.

Contact Us

If you're ready to schedule a newborn photography session or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Contact Rachelle Long Photography today to book an appointment or to learn more about our services. We look forward to capturing those precious moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Ramo Hrnjic
Beautiful photographs! You truly have a talent for capturing these precious newborn moments. Your passion and experience shine through in every image. These photographs are truly cherished memories that families will treasure forever. Great work!
Nov 12, 2023